Collection Systems Management

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It may be a puzzle....but the pieces do fit!
Let us help you manage your collection systems assets.

Wright-Pierce understands the complexity of collection systems management and uses a holistic approach to address and integrate the four major pieces of the "puzzle” with an eye on overall asset management.

Over the past decade, Wright-Pierce has been assisting dozens of municipalities with key tasks under each component:
  • Data Collection/ Assessment
  • Program Development & Engineering
  • Implementation & Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis & Administration.
We are confident we can help provide your community with reliable and affordable wastewater and stormwater collection solutions.

Click the links below to read more about how Wright-Pierce can help you manage your collection system infrastructure assets, and how we have helped hundreds of other communities as told through specific project case studies.

#1 - Data Collection/Assessment
Sewer System Repairs, NASSCO PACP - Stamford, CT

#2 - Program Development and Engineering
Sewer System Rehabilitation NASSCO PACP - Waltham, MA

#3 - Implementation and Evaluation
Combined Sewer Separation, Post Construction Monitoring  Fitchburg, MA

#4 - Financial Analysis and Administration
CSO Separation, Capital Planning and Funding - Biddeford, ME

Laurie Perkins, PE
Senior Project Manager
NASCCO PACP Certified Trainer
NASSCO Board of Directors
NASSCO Infrastructure Assessment Committee

Laurie has more than 20 years of experience assisting municipal clients manage their collection system infrastructure assets. She is certified by NASSCO in PACP, MACP and LACP and is a National Association of Sewer Service Companies certified instructor for pipeline and manholes inspections.  She is one of only two instructors currently active in the New England area.

To discuss your collection system assets and how to best manage them contact Laurie at 603.498.5381 or