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Iron and Manganese Removal Facility

The first ultrafiltration membrane WTP in New England that does not chlorinate its finished water

The Mt. Warner wells, the  primary water supply source for the Town of Hadley MA, were found to contain unacceptable levels of perchlorate. Following evaluations of other existing water sources to identify supply and quality, Wright-Pierce engineers determined that the Town's two Callahan Wells would meet current and anticipated supply needs. However, elevated manganese levels in the wells, although not in excess of primary drinking water standards, exceeded secondary contaminant levels.

After performing pilot studies to find the most effective and cost efficient water treatment technology, Wright-Pierce engineers selected the Zenon filtration process. The innovative ultrafiltration process, the first of its kind to be used in New England, utilizes an eco-friendly membrane system, rather than a chlorination process, to remove manganese from groundwater sources.

The Zenon process, in conjunction with a secondary treatment system upgrade, provides the town with a 99.5% overall recovery rate of source water, an industry high. The upgrades were completed without loss of facility operations, and within an unusually short 7-month period.

The facility upgrades provide the town with a reliable, high quality drinking water supply that exceeds current and anticipated regulatory standards.

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Project Highlights


  • Very small site
  • Construction in flood plain requiring compensatory storage
  • Aggressive schedule
  • Residual disposal


  • Tall building with a compact footprint
  • Innovative, eco-friendly membrane system used
  • Teamwork between owner, engineer and MassDEP
  • Secondary stage to reduce backwash residual disposal
  • Force main to dispose of concentrated residuals
  • 99.5% overall recovery rate of source water
  • Groundwater rule compliant treatment