Wastewater Engineering

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The effective management and treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is critical to maintaining public

Climate change impacts
on our infrastructure and wastewater treatment facilities

presentation by John Braccio, President & CEO given at the 2015 NEWEA spring conference.

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health and a clean, safe environment. Wright-Pierce's Wastewater Engineers have a wealth of experience in treating wastewater and its residuals from small decentralized systems to large, complex municipal and industrial systems.

Over our 65 year history, wastewater engineering services have been the mainstay of our company. We are a New England leader known for our innovation, our application of appropriate technology, and our reliable operator-friendly solutions.


Wastewater treatment facility upgrades earn "Engineering Excellence" award

Falmouth, ME
The design of the Falmouth, ME wastewater treatment facility upgrade resulted in a nearly 40% increase in treatment efficiency and over 40% reduction in energy consumption. Project received the Engineering Excellence award from American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Maine. Read more.

Sanford, ME
The design of the Sanford, ME wastewater treatment facility upgrade represents advanced environmental engineering design capable of removing phosphorus and ammonia to extremely low levels. The upgraded facility removes significantly more pollutants from the influent wastewater while using approximately 14% less electrical energy and 40% less chemicals than old facility. Project received the Engineering Excellence award from American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Maine. Read more.


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