Lucas Chapman has recently joined the Horizontal Infrastructure Assessment Group at Wright-Pierce, an announcement made by Group Leader, Laurie Perkins, PE. This specialized group performs field investigative services to support municipal clients in the sustainable, cost-effective management of wastewater collection, stormwater sewers, and potable water distribution system assets.

According to Ms. Perkins, “Lucas brings a wealth of experience from both a field services and a data analysis perspective. He has worked for more than 12 years in the public and private sectors throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic helping clients manage infrastructure assets. Lucas will play a significant role in our continued growth by helping clients take a predictive approach to making infrastructure improvements, rather than one that is reactive, or even unnecessarily proactive.”

Lucas will lead a team of field technicians to perform a range of infrastructure assessment services including inventory of horizontal assets, condition assessment, flow monitoring studies, data compilation and management, and related capital and O&M project initiatives.

Mr. Chapman adds, “Wright-Pierce has been at the forefront of engineering firms to develop in-house, innovative horizontal infrastructure assessment services. Our group works closely with our water and wastewater engineers and GIS professionals to provide clients a comprehensive look at their buried assets to make recommendations on how to best manage and maintain them. A recent example of Wright-Pierce’s forward thinking is the purchase of a Cleverscan camera system — a rapid, automated manhole inspection device that uses 5-HD cameras to produce a high-definition record, including 3-dimensional views of manholes.”

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