The project team for the Gillotti Wellfield treatment and pump station gathered together to celebrate the startup of their recently completed facility.

The Ball Pond Water system, which serves the town of New Fairfield, CT, had been in need of upgrades due to aging equipment and service reliability. The Aquarion Water Company acquired the system’s three well fields and hired Wright-Pierce to design the system upgrades. A comprehensive system rehabilitation was recently completed and included the new Gillotti Wellfield pump station building with a separate chemical room which handles flow from four bedrock wells, two new 20,000-gallon clearwells, a pumping system with variable frequency drive, a 65 KW propane-driven emergency generator, new SCADA, and security and site improvements.

These upgrades allow for increased pumping and storage capacity, resulting in added system redundancy and reliability and more efficient operations and cost savings for the community of New Fairfield.

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