A Legacy Company


Join us in commemorating Wright-Pierce’s 75th anniversary through a series of videos reflecting on the company’s history and path forward.

Celebrating 75 Years

Several members of the Wright-Pierce team celebrate 75 years of engineering a better environment.

Growing With Wright-Pierce

Hear from Laurie Perkins, Mike Curry, and Amira Medjamia on their experiences at Wright-Pierce, their personal stories, and how the company has helped them grow.

Preserving Our Most Critical Resource: Water

Katie Gierok, Mariusz Jedrychowski, and Brianna Wentworth talk all things water including discussion of how communities can overcome water scarcity, innovation in “one water” focus, the latest wave of emerging contaminants and PFAS, and innovations in advanced treatment processes.

Small Firm Vision Grows to Major Company

John Braccio and Bill Brown share memories of starting at Wright-Pierce in the 1980s in the building that Frank Wright and Bill Pierce built in 1947 in Topsham, Maine.

Focused on Community

Ryan Wingard and Prashanth Emmanuel describe how the services provided by Wright-Pierce help bridge the gap from what’s hidden in pipes below the ground to what people interact with every day.

Wright-Pierce was founded on January 17, 1947 in Topsham, Maine, as a partnership between Frank Wright, Jr., and William Pierce. Raising $50 in capital between them, one of their first acts was to flip a coin to determine the name for the firm. Frank won, so the name became “Wright & Pierce”.
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